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Week 14 and 15- 13.7.20- Sharing Stories



Good morning everyone. We can’t believe that we are nearly at the end of term. For these last two weeks we would like to do something a little bit different. All the staff in Foundation are going to read you one of their favourite books and share an activity with you. We look forward to hearing what you all get up to! Have fun!

Today’s story is ‘Press Here’.

After reading the story, can you make your own ‘Press Here’ picture? You could use a cork or a pompom to make the different spots! Don’t forget to send us your creations.

Press Here

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Today I have chosen to read you the story, 'You're Called What?!' 
After you have listened to it, we'd like you to draw a self portrait and show us how well you can write your name. You could even have a go at writing a few sentences about yourself.
Make it your best work because we would like these to be a present for your new teachers! Have fun!
Mrs Procter laugh

You're Called What?!

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Today I will be reading one of my favourite stories; Zog.

After you have listened to the story, have a go at making your own fire breathing dragon.

We would love to see what you create!

Mrs Bibby


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Elephant's Pyjamas

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I hope you enjoyed the story about Elephant Pyjamas, I think Elephant and his friends had lots of fun at the pyjama party.
I wonder if you would like to have a pyjama party? Either with your toys or with your family?
Can you count how many people are there and get the correct number of plates and cups for food and drink?
Can you share out the goodies to make sure it is fair and you all have the same?
We would love to see a photo of your pyjama party on Tapestry.
Have fun.
Miss Taylor



Friday 17th July


A Squash and a Sqeeze

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I hope you enjoyed the story! Now can you use a piece of paper and draw a house on it? Next, can you make characters from the story? Can you add them to the house one at a time and work out how many you have in total? Can you use the language empty and full?

Have Fun!

Mrs White



Hello everyone, we hope you had a lovely weekend. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, today's story is read by Miss Hubbard. There is a fun activity to do afterwards if you want to.

What makes a Rainbow?

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Using natural things can you make your own vase of flowers? I wonder what different colours you will find! Can you find any colours from the rainbow?



Hi everyone! The story I have chosen to read to you is ‘Use your imagination!’ At the end of the story, Rabbit tells us that ‘imagination is a wonderful thing!’
Can you use your imagination and draw a picture of Rabbit dressed up in a special outfit of your choice e.g. a spacesuit, ballerina outfit, Magician’s cloak and hat, fire fighter outfit, Prince / Princess, pirate outfit etc? You could make a rabbit cardboard cut out with help from your grown up and make a set of paper clothes to dress it in!
What adventures will Rabbit get up to? Can you draw / paint / create a picture or a story map or even write a sentence using your phonics to show what Rabbit does? Maybe the Wolf tries to eat Rabbit again! How would you get rid of him?
We would love to see your ideas on Tapestry! Have fun, enjoy the story and remember…’use your imagination!’ Mrs Hannant 🐼

Use your Imagination!

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What Small Rabbit Heard

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Morning all, it looks like it will be a good day so your task is to go for a walk just like Small Rabbit. As you are walking discuss what you can see. As you go for a walk your grown up, they will give you some instructions such as, do 5 star jumps. Don’t be like Small rabbit, listen to your adult and do what they ask. Have fun and don’t get too tired. 😀

Mr Moore


The Paper Dolls

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Follow the video below to find out how to make your very own paper doll chain.

We would love to see how you get on! Have fun!! 

Mrs Procter smiley

How to make a Paper Doll chain

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The end of a very strange year. We hope you all have a fabulous summer, keep in touch and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

How to be a Lion

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