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Forest Town

Primary School

Belong, Aim High, Succeed


Watch ‘I knew you could’ by Craig Dorfman (You Tube)

Give Children opportunity to reflect on their ‘Success Stars’ from previous session and how these differ from person to person according to factors like abilities, age and our experiences.

Explain that today we are going to choose our ‘greatest achievement’ from this year (either in school or a more personal success).

Staff could share an example!

Children to orally discuss their achievement that they feel MOST proud of this year and why!  Link back to feelings when we achieve something.


The task:

Children to complete:

Make a medal to show their greatest achievement this past year.

KS1 – draw / label medal to show one achievement.

KS2 – could record a school and personal achievement and reflect how they achieved them. 

Have a little award ceremony where adult reads / describes the achievement shown on the Children's medals one at a time and awards them.