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Challenge of the Day


Have fun choosing different items around the house and garden and giving your child some clues. By going to the different rooms or around the garden, it will keep your child active too. Can you see if your child could pick an item in secret and give you some clues to find it? 😊. Maybe your child could draw some pictures of the things they had to find or write a list if appropriate to their ability. We would love to see some photos or videos too of your child following your clues!
Mrs Hannant 🐼

Nursery Rhyme of the Day


Lots of you have been baking at home so I thought Pat a cake would be a good song to share. You could sing Twinkle Twinkle at bedtime tonight too.
Miss Taylor

Writing/talking challenge


Good morning everyone! It was great to see all of your creations yesterday and fabulous list writing!

Today’s challenge is to draw a picture of yourself it can be in your special book, on the back of a roll of wallpaper or even using chalk outside drawing around your body (you can get someone in your house to help with this)!

Can you write a list/label your different body parts?

Don’t forget to send your picture via Dojo or upload to Tapestry.

Have fun!

F1 maths challenge


Our maths activity today is all about capacity, don’t worry, you don’t have to use water 😊
Miss Taylor

F2 maths challenge


Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

We now know our number up to 20! :)

Adults can you say or show an number and the children have to show them using your ten frame?

Adults are to ask questions such as: Which number has 1 ten and 5 units? How many tens and units does 19 have? etc.

Remember it is important that the children understand how numbers are made.

Have fun!