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English -Summer 1 - This half term we have been reading the text 'The Hat Trick' by Terry Deary (a very popular children's author who has written bits in the 'Horrible Histories' series.) We had chosen this text as it appeals to boys and girls and wow what a twist it had!! It got us all by revealing in the very last chapter that our main character Jud was in fact Judith! We looked closely at stereotypes as all the way through we assumed that Jud was a boy. We had the amazing opportunity to interview the Notts County Ladies FC manager Adam Dunleavy and one of the first team players Zanny Deorio who has come all the way over from America to play football. We gathered lots of information about the women's game so we could then use it as evidence to create a persuasive letter, we will be sending these to the FA (Football Assosiation). We are looking to point out the fact that iniquality is still on going within the sport, using our facts to stress why we feel it is important that this changes. We are also getting the chance in the next couple of days to talk to Notts County FC first team player Jim O'Brien so we can ask questions to compare the differences within the male and female games.

Summer 2 - Next half term in English we are looking at the text The Wolves in the Walls written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Dave McKean. The text is inspired by a dream that Neil Gaiman's daughter Lucy had about wolves bing in the walls of her house. Lucy hears noises within the walls but suerly it can't be what she thinks it is, can it?! Will her family believe her? Does she really have wolves living in her walls? All will be revealed next half term, watch this space... 

Maths - Summer 1 - This half term we have been looking at fractions and decimals. We have looked at what fraction is needed when making whole of amounts, comparing amounts, ordering both fractions and decimals and writing decimals. This has lead us to working with money where the children have dealt with identifying coins and notes as well as dealing with change and working out how much more money is needed to create correct amounts. We have also been working really hard on our times tables and the children are aware of the importants of knowing these and how it will benefit their maths throughout school. TT Rock Stars is still available (link on first of our pages). This is our children's maths homework and is a fun way of learing your tables without actually realising you are doing homework, get challenging gang!!!

Science- We have been looking at the human body this half term, identifying body parts, naming bones and muscles as well as looking at nutrition and what a healthy diet looks like. The children have had lots of fun completing tasks set by us and due to the pure interest from them have been set extra challenges to complete at their leisure, which they have thrived at! 

We have also looked at circuits and electricity which again the children have shown a real interest in (we really do have some fantastic scientists!) We had the chance to create our own circuits using the circuit boards we have in school and even had a look at items that conducted electricity and those that insulated it (ask your little scientists, they will explain all.)

French - In French we have been learning how to count and have looked at the names of our colours. Parents see how much you remember from school and challenge your superstars.