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Spring 2

Maths - Money

This term, we have focused on money; Counting coins, converting money and adding and subtracting amounts is what we have covered in the unit. 


A mini unit - Descriptive Writing

For the first two weeks of this half term. We read and did some work on a book called The Story of Frog Belly Rat Bone. We focused heavily on descriptive techniques such as similes and expanded noun phrases to then help us to write a character description of Frog Belly. 

English - Poetry

We everybody returned to school, we read a lovely descriptive picture book called Tell Me a Dragon. We took some of the descriptive phrases from the book and used these language features to create our own poems based on a dragon the children created. We had snow dragons, sea dragons, volcanic dragons. You name it, we had it!

What are we learning now in English?

Now, we are reading a book called 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' which the children are really enjoying. We are creating a character profile of our different dragons including the descriptive language we were using earlier in the term and including a range of conjunctions. 



We have had a heavy focus on science this term. We began by studying sound, thinking carefully about vibrations, pitch and volume. We then moved onto light, learning about how light travels, investigating which materials are reflective and then moving onto how shadows are created and how these change during the day.



We are now focusing on plant; studying the structure of a plant, the life cycle of a plant and what plants need in order to grow and survive.


The children are absolutely loving music at the minute. We are learning about and composing music to a particular style (Reggae.) The children are understanding the different components that make up a piece of music and becoming more acute and identifying the instruments used.