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Spring 1


Multiplication and Division

This term year 3 have focused on multiplication and division. We began with learning the 4 and 8 times tables (with more practise of the 2s, 5 and 10s)  and then understanding what sharing and grouping means for division. 

We then moved our learning forward with practise of the written methods for multiplication and division...

English - Newspaper Reports



In English we wrote a newspaper report based on the disappearance of the main character in The Abominables. We did lots of learning around the features of a newspaper report before writing and as part of the reading sessions we did lots of inference learning where we focused on the feelings of different character and understanding the vocabulary used in the text. 

Creative Curriculum - Geography

Where would I rather live?

This term, we focused on the learning of mountains and coasts. We began by looking at the layers of the Earth and how the movement of tectonic plates and coastal erosion has shaped the land.  We then used maps and atlases to locate continents, countries, capital cities and mountain ranges of the world. 

Finally, we looked at how the land is used in mountainous areas and how the life of a young child living in those areas compares to our own. 

Art - Nicholas Roerich 

The end of the term consisted of creating our own mountain sketches based on the work of Nicholas Roerich. To finish the painting, we then used different brush stroke techniques to create different effects.