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Shared Moments

Monday 18th May


Listen to the story of ‘The Gigantic Turnip.’ Can you draw a picture of your favourite part? Maybe you can explain why you like this bit!
My favourite part is seeing the little mouse sat on the bowl of turnip stew holding a very large piece of turnip! We would love to hear about your favourite part or character or see your drawings!
Enjoy the story! 😊

The Gigantic Turnip

Still image for this video

Tuesday 19th May

Can you listen to the story again? Think about the sequence of the story and create your own story wheel! You could use a paper plate or cut out a circle from paper to draw what happens in the story. Can you re-tell the story to someone in your family? We would love to see your story wheels! Have fun!


Wednesday 20th May

Here is a link for a song that the children can listen to and enjoy. 🎶 Maybe your could put some actions to the song and learn some of the words to sing! 🎤. Have fun!


All the characters in the story try to PULL the enormous turnip out of the ground!
Have some fun as a family and have your own ‘tug-of-war!’ 😁 Can you look around your house and garden (or out on your walk) and see what other things you pull to make them work. For example, you pull open the curtains in your bedroom, you pull a zip up to fasten your coat, you might pull a door open on a shed outside! Maybe you could draw some of the things you find or even take photos / videos. We would love to see these on Tapestry or dojo. 👍 Have fun! 😀





Thursday 21st May



Can you make a ‘Vegetable sensory bin?’ If possible collect some vegetables you might have at home and bury them in soil in a tub. Can you use your sense of touch and dip your hand in the soil to find a vegetable (no peeking!) Can you think of some words to describe how it feels (bumpy, smooth, prickly etc) ? You could even have a go at writing some of these words with support. When you have pulled out all the hidden vegetables, maybe you could wash them like the farmers do! Have fun!

Friday 22nd May


Think about the characters that help the Farmer to pull up the turnip.
Can you create your own version of the story? You could change the characters - you might choose a unicorn, dinosaur, a sheep, an elephant or any ‘human characters.’
You could even change the turnip into another vegetable of your choice (the enormous potato, the gigantic carrot!)
You could draw your new characters / vegetable or make your own set of puppets or even write some words or sentences with help!
We would love to see photos or videos of your ideas – the funnier the better!
Have fun!