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Shared Moments

Monday 27th April

This week’s story is Oliver’s Vegetables. Here I am reading the story. We hope you enjoy it. Can you remember all of the vegetables Oliver tried in the story? Perhaps you could write a list or draw some pictures.

Look out for more fun activities as the week goes on.

Oliver's Vegetables

Still image for this video

Tuesday 28th April


I hope you enjoyed the story Oliver's Vegetables. Have another listen of it today if you want to!

Today's challenge is:

Can you make your own vegetable diary? Use a piece of paper to make a grid and write the days of the week down one side. Then each day record which vegetables you have eaten either by writing them or drawing a picture.
Here is an example of one you could print out or you could make your own.

Have Fun!

Wednesday 29th April


Giuseppe Arcimboldo is an artist who uses unusual objects to make art! Can your make your own pictures using fruit and vegetables. Here are a few suggestions but look on the website for more ideas. When you have done them, please add them to Tapestry or send them via Dojo and we will complete our own art gallery on the school website!

Thursday 30th April

Can you make a feely bag or box and ask an adult to hide some vegetables behind? Can you use words to describe the vegetables like long, big, smooth etc and guess what they are? Maybe you could then challenge someone in your house!

Friday 1st May


Can you make some playdough or use some different construction material to make different vegetables? Think about the colour and the shapes of the vegetables.

Here are some playdough mats to use if you have a printer.