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Shared Moments

Monday 20th April

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle - Read by Mrs Hannant

Still image for this video
Here are some questions that you could ask your child after watching this week’s story, ‘The Tiny Seed.’

How do we recognise which season it is?
What happens to the seed when it flies too close to the sun?
Why couldn’t the seed grow on the mountain?
Which two animals eat the seed?
Who picks the flower and why?
What else can a seed grow into?
What does a plant need to grow?

Tuesday 21st April



We hope you enjoyed the story ‘The Tiny Seed.’
Watch the story again but focus on the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. How do we recognise these seasons?
Can you help your child divide a piece of paper into 4 parts and label each season. Draw a picture to show each season then draw the Tiny Seed somewhere on each one.
You could do a collage instead using outside objects or spare materials from your home.
You could just do a picture of your favourite season.
Do you know which season your birthday is in?
We would love to see photos of any of your art work on Tapestry or dojo.
Have fun!

Wednesday 22nd April


Parts of a plant

If you are lucky enough to have any plants at home, then show your child the different parts. If you haven’t any plants at the moment, you could look at pictures on the internet or pictures from the story.

Can your child make their own plant using different materials? They could draw a picture, use Play Doh, Lego, paper, cake cases, lolly stick, natural materials from the garden…the list is endless!

Now make some labels together saying ‘roots, stalk / stem, leaves, flower, seeds.’
Talk about the different parts and what they do then see if your child can match the labels.
We would love to see your child’s art work on Tapestry or dojo!

Thursday 23rd April

Life Cycle of a Plant

Watch the story again. Talk about the stages the seed goes through to turn into a beautiful flower.
Can your child make a simple life cycle picture to show seed, roots, leaves, flower?
You could use a paper plate, paints, materials from inside and out in the garden, Play Doh etc.

Talk about the needs of a plant – sunlight / warmth, soil, rain /water, air, room to grow!
Friday 24th April Shared Moment

The seed’s journey!

Look at the final page of the story on ‘Class Story.’ Talk about the wind blowing the seeds away ready to start their new journey!
Ask your child to use their imaginations…where do they think the wind will take their seed? It could be anywhere they like – the seaside, a park, a zoo etc.
Can your child draw, paint or collage a picture or story map to show their seed’s journey, what it ‘sees’ on the way and where the seed lands?
Depending on your child’s ability, they could either orally tell you a story about their seed’s journey, label their ideas or write a story! We would love to see the children’s ideas and imaginations! Have fun!
Examples of story maps: (sequence of simple pictures)