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Shared Moment

For the next two weeks we will be looking at The 3 little pigs.

It is a good opportunity for you to have story time with your grown ups.

Follow the link and it will take you to an online book. Your grown up can read it to you. Remember to read the book first and then ask questions at the end.


Discuss who the characters in the story are what happened?
Make some characters out of things around the house. You could use paper plates or toilet rolls.
Act out the story with your home made characters.


The Wolf is hungry but what did he want to eat?

What is you favourite food and why? Rank your top 3 foods. Are they the same as you grown ups?

Have a discussion about where foods come from. Ask the children first before you talk about it because I bet there will be some surprising answers :)


The wolf could huff and puff so today we are going to see if you can as well.
Here are some instructions for making a balloon rocket:
Once you have made your rocket can you measure how far it went.
Repeat the experiment with different amounts of breaths. Which rocket goes further? Why do you think this?


In the story, the third little pig builds his house out of bricks.

The challenge today is for you to build your own brick house.

You could use Lego, Duplo, wooden blocks or any other bricks you have in your home.

How big can you build yours?

We'd love you to share pictures of your creations on Tapestry!


Your challenge today is to design your dream house. 

Think about what it would look like, what is it made out of and what fun and wonderful things you would want in it. 

Maybe a bouncy castle bed or a big water slide from the roof!


Draw a picture of your house or build it out of objects you can find around your house.

Have fun!


Can you build a stick house like the second little pig?

Use sticks/cocktail sticks/straws with blue tac/playdough/sticky tape to build a stick structure.


Use a tape measure or ruler and find out how tall your building is.

How many sticks did you use?


Oh no! The Big Bad Wolf is on his way! You must hide!


Build a den to keep you and your family safe.

You can do this inside your house or in your garden. You could even go on a walk in the woods and build a den there.

You might want to make a picnic so you have something to eat while you hide.


We'd love to see pictures of your amazing dens. Have fun and happy building!! laugh


At the end of the story the pigs made a pot of boiling water for the Big Bad Wolf.

Talk about how to keep safe around boiling water. How do we know if the water is boiling? What can we see? (Bubbles, steam). 

Boil some water with your children so they can see what happens.

Maybe they can help prepare dinner for everyone?