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Your weekly phonics focus is on the split vowel digraph e-e. 




A digraph is two letters which together make one sound. When a digraph is split by a consonant it becomes a split digraph. For example, the ‘ee’ in swede makes one sound but it is split by the ‘d’.


Phonics Challenge 1


Look at the pictures and work out the correct word to write in the box. Some letters have been given to help you.

Read the word again to make sure it is correct and spot the words with the split digraph ‘e-e’.

You could have a go at drawing the pictures yourself in your book and adding the correct label.


Phonics Challenge 2


Read the ‘Phoneme spotter’ text and find the words with the split digraph ‘e-e’.

Then have a go at answering the comprehension questions.

You could just talk about the answers with your adult or have a go at writing them down in your book.  


Extra Phonics Challenges


  • Wordsearch 


  • Roll and Read - You could try putting the word into a sentence too!



  • Eye Spy - can you spot the e-e images shown in the picture and write the words in your book?