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Outdoor Learning activities

Week Beginning 20.4.2020



Think of things that have grown from seeds (your child might need some help with this). Use anything material natural or man made that you find outside to make a collage of things that grow from seeds. You might find some sticks and leaves to make a tree or blossom that has fallen from a tree to make a flower.

Week Beginning 27.4.2020


You will need: an old plastic tray / shoe box / food tray

Can you make your own tiny garden using different natural and man-made materials?

Have a look around your garden (or if you don’t have a garden, can you collect some objects with your parent / carer if you go on a walk together?)

Place some soil in the bottom of your tray and use stones, twigs, leaves etc to create your own garden just like Oliver’s Grandpa in our story. You could also use other objects like lolly sticks, Lego pieces, toys to add detail. Will your garden have pretend vegetables in it? Will it have a pond or a path?

We would love to see any of your gardens! Have fun! 😊

Picture 1

Week Beginning 11.5.20


Jack and the Beanstalk


There’s a Giant after me – GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

Hi Foundation, my name is Jack and I am feeling a little bit scared because I need to escape from the Giant’s castle! The problem is it would take me too long to climb down the beanstalk so I need a zip wire to slide down quickly!
Can you help please?
Choose a small toy and go outside if you can and choose a large plant or tree (or you could use anything you have in your garden / yard). Can you find something to make a zip wire from? It could be string, wool, a long branch etc. Can you attach your toy at the top and try and slide it down your zip wire? Maybe you want to try different ideas out or you want to think of a completely new idea for getting Jack down from the Giant’s castle (a parachute made from a leaf?)
If you haven’t got a garden area, maybe you could take a small toy on your walk and find somewhere safe to have a go!
Use your imaginations and have fun! I would love to see your photos!
Thank you Foundation! From Jack

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Picture 2
Picture 3