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Discuss Andy Warhol and his art work. Look at a selection of paintings discuss the techniques used, repeating pattern, contrasting colours use of influential people etc

Talk about ‘pop art’ genre. Do these pictures remind them of anything works of art they know of or they have studied? 

Discuss who would Andy Warhol Paint now? Who are famous or influential people that he may choose to paint now? Make a list together


Look at the colour wheel, colours that are opposite on the colour wheel are what are known as contrasting colours, these are what Warhol choose to use in his artwork.


Main task – children to identify contrasting colours using a colour wheel as well as recapping primary and secondary colours. They will need to colour in the middle of the square using the primary/secondary colour then identify the contrasting colour using the colour wheel to colour the outside of the square.


After the activity discuss with children how it looks, is it bright and eye catching? How did they check they used the right colours?