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Forest Town

Primary School

Belong, Aim High, Succeed


If you believe – you CAN achieve!

Show Children a set of pictures (e.g. a child tying a shoe lace, someone running a race, scoring a goal, riding a bike, reading a book, writing name, swimming, playing an instrument etc.)

What do all these pictures show? 

Discuss the term ‘achievements.’

Can you do any of these things?

Which achievement is the best?  Why? 

Do we all agree?

Explain that the end of a school year is a good time to reflect on our achievements this year, however small!


Start by asking children to think back on how they felt at the beginning of this academic year. Give them a chance to discuss what sticks out for them. (Support for younger Children by suggesting examples).

Did they feel excited and/or nervous about different parts of school. Were there

things that they felt good/confident about and others that they struggled with?

What about outside of school?


Explore with the children why it is helpful to think about these successes and how it makes them feel.

Watch ‘The Sky is the Limit’ on You tube.


The task:

Children to complete:                               

‘Success star.’ 

Children to have star outline and fill with pictures / words / annotations of any ‘successes.’ 

(Explain that in the next session they will be choosing their ‘greatest success’ from this year!)