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Recap on the PSHE texts from the last few weeks: Mixed and Be who you are.  

What were the texts about? How are the themes of the stories similar? 


What are your interests/hobbies?

What qualities have you got?

How might other people describe you?

What does the word unique mean?


Before reading the book show a selection of images of the main character on PPT.

What can we say about this character? What impression are we given about her?

Read the text ‘Super Duper You’ Use story PPT or youtube link. 

Discuss what the main point of the story is- It’s alright to be who you are, everyone is unique and we are always changing. Link to Jackson Pollock- Every drop of paint is different but together they create a beautiful painting.

Answer ‘Talking point’ style questions.

Write a few sentences about what makes them special using vocabulary mat for support.