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Good morning, I hope that everyone has made the most of their Easter break (even though it may have been a little different to usual!) Here are today's daily 4 problems.

For the multiplication/division questions I would recommend using objects i.e. counters, pieces of paper or small toys to help children visualise the number sentence. In school we would discuss this by using the language of '5 groups of 7' '6 groups of 2' for multiplication and '10 shared by 2' for division. Encouraging children to use their knowledge of counting in 2's, 5's and 10's would also be great.

Here is a link to the white rose maths website, they are continuing to post daily maths lessons via videos and worksheets.
This weeks focus is doubling, again the use of objects may be useful in helping children to visualise the problem. 

Last thing, starting today there are daily programs being shown through the BBC on iPlayer and the red button. These are focused on a range of topics suitable for primary and secondary age children with supporting resources available online also.

Have a great day and please keep sharing with us what you get up to! 

Monday 20th April

Good morning here are the daily 4 problems for today, I loved seeing people use lots of different practical resources yesterday to help them with the challenge! You might want to use those resources again today to help you.

For the greater than/ less than question its how many different numbers can you put in the middle to make the number sentence correct. Your number would have to be bigger than 12 but less than 20. Good luck!

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning! Well done to everyone who is working so hard completing their work at home you are doing a fantastic job. Here are today's daily 4 questions!

Wednesday 22nd April

Here is today's white rose maths lesson. Today the focus is on making equal groups by sharing. Remember use any resources you may have at home to help you, I have seen some great tools being used such as lego and mini eggs!



Thursday 23rd April

Good morning! Here are the daily 4 questions for today. I have seen lots of people practicing problems at home with money and using play money and toys to help them. Maybe you could set up a shop at home or have a look at some real money to help you

Today's focus is on finding half of a number. Remember to get creative using resources and have a go at doing things practically first if you can!

Friday 24th April

Happy Friday! Hope you have all had a busy week, here are the daily 4 challenges. One of today's questions links to money, remember if you can try to use play money or resources to help you with the question. Don't forget to show me what you have been up to!

Friday Challenge

Here is the White Rose Maths lesson for today, on a Friday it consists of a series of challenges for children to have a go at. Questions 1 and 2 are aimed at year 1 children but you could challenge yourself and have a go together and see how many you can work out.