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Monday 4th May

Good morning! The start of a new week and a new daily 4 challenge for you today. Today we have some number line questions, before having a go at these questions it might useful for children to recap their 2. 5 and 10's times tables and maybe have a go at drawing a number line of each of them. It is important that they recognise where the number line is starting and how many it is increasing by each time.

White Rose Maths Challenge - Number Bonds

Today's white rose maths challenge is all about part-whole and number bonds. Children have done some work already about part whole models and number bonds to 10 and 20 when we were in school.

For this challenge children are looking at 10's frames, a diagram with 10 squares inside representing 10. It may be useful for children to have a drawn copy of a 10's frame and some counters or toys available to help them.

10's frame

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning, here are the daily 4 for today!

I have also found a game that is really good for warming up your brain ready for maths and gives a bit of challenge. You need to recognise the numbers 1-50 as fast as you can and press them in order. Try having a go as a family and see who can get the quickest time!

White Rose Maths Challenge - Linking addition and subtraction

Today's white rose maths lesson is focused on fact families and how addition and subtraction number sentences can be linked.

The questions use bar models and part part whole models. Both of these models are used to represent the number sentence.

If you have any lego at home, it's a great resource for looking at bar models as it can be stacked and different colours/ sizes can represent different numbers.

Wednesday 6th May

Wednesday White Rose Maths Challenge - finding part

Thursday 7th May

White Rose Maths Challenge - Counting by adding on