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Monday 27th April

Here is today's maths challenge from white rose. The focus for today is finding half.




From this week there will be some changes to white rose maths, some of the content will not be accessible for free anymore. As a school we are premium members to the service so will be posting everything you need on dojo/ the school website from next week.



Tuesday 28th April

White rose maths: finding a quarter

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning! Today some of the questions give you chance to have more than one answer. If you feel like challenging yourself see how many ways you can answer the problem.

Have a go at comparing your toys at home, which toys are bigger/smaller? longer/shorter? Could you organise them into groups and tell someone why you have organised them in that way.

For the last question think carefully about your 'tens' and your 'ones'. It may be useful for children to see the numbers written under the headings.

Have a go! Let me know how you get on :)

White Rose Maths daily challenge - finding a quarter

Thursday 30th April

Good morning! Some tricky questions today to get you thinking, remember if you can use resources to help you then please do! Counting in 2's and 5's might help you with the lollipop stick question. I hope you have a good day and enjoy the little bit of sunshine we have

White Rose Maths Challenge Thursday - Problem Solving

Here is today's white rose maths problem, the video and activity focus on weight and mass and problem solving. The questions on here today are quite tricky and may require some help from an adult. It may be useful to recap about grams and kilograms before starting this activity and discuss balance scales. If you have any scales at home that you could use that would be fantastic to help children get a better understanding before starting this activity.

Friday 1st May

Yesterday's white rose maths problem focused on weight and problem solving. Today our daily 4 has some weight and mass questions for you to answer. See if you can use what you learnt yesterday to help you. I hope you can try and make the best of your weekend, staying safe!

White Rose Maths Friday Family Challenge

Today is the white rose maths Friday challenge. Remember questions 1 and 2 are aimed at year 1 but if you would like to have a go as a family or see how far you can go the range of questions are available on
if you have brothers or sisters see if you can work together to solve the more difficult challenges.

Good luck!