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Discuss how Paul Klee had lots of techniques and various types of painting styles but today the focus is going to be on his line drawing. Look at the following examples of his ‘taking the line for a walk’ paintings.

“A line is a dot that we take for a walk.”

This is a quote from Paul Klee, and it shows how his work looks like lines that he’s made by putting his pencil on paper, taking it for a walk and not letting it off the paper.


The Task:

  • Technique 1: Try it using pencils/pens. Put the pen on the paper, take it for a walk without taking off for a while and see what you create. This is one technique that Klee used.
  • Technique 2: Turning the lines into something. Once you have taken your pencil for a walk try turning it into to something e.g. face, a sea. 
  • Technique 3: Colouring in between: take the line for a walk so the lines overlap it might even look like a scribble. Stop and colour in each gap.