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Forest Town

Primary School

Belong, Aim High, Succeed



Display pictures of footballs. 

Explain to the Children that today they are going to think about setting a goal to achieve by the end of next year and the steps they will need to achieve it!

Adults could model a personal goal using the ladder.

Ask a child to share a goal.  Example:

If the goal was to get fit, step 1 could be to walk to school once a week.  Step 2 could be going on a daily walk.  Step 3 could be jogging around garden / playground.  Step 4 – taking up a sport.

The Children's goal could be school based or more personal e.g. hobby based.


The task:

Children to complete:

Children to have a sheet with footballs on paper.

Record goal on final football.  Begin at the first football to record step to success

KS1 – Chn to draw goal.  Support to think about steps to success.  Y2 can record.  Y1 / F2 orally discuss.

KS2 – Choose a school based goal and a personal goal.

Make cardboard person to represent themselves.

Goal outline to stick footballs in.


>Children could place goals in an envelope and date and seal it.  Tell Children to put it somewhere safe at home to open at the end of the academic year to see if their goal was achieved!