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F2 Phonics Activities

Monday 20th April

Pick one of your favourite books. Can you spot any of our phase two tricky words?
How many times did you spot them in your book?

Tuesday 21st April


Can you find some cvc objects? E.g. cup, pen, hat, cat, dog. Now put them in a bag/box. Can you pick one out and write the word? You can use the letter mat to help you form the letters. Maybe you could challenge an adult or sibling and check to see if they get it right! If you want an extra challenge can you write a sentence with the word in?



Wednesday 22nd April


Ask an adult or a big brother or big sister to write you a treasure hunt list of cvc words. Can you find all the items on the list by sounding out the words and reading them yourself? Don’t forget you can put sound buttons on the words to help you like in the picture. Good luck!

Thursday 23rd April


Watch our story of the week again can you pick a page of the story that you like and write a sentence about it? I have had a go at one to help you. Maybe you could draw a picture to go with it. 

Friday 24th April

Can you read one of the big cat books online? Or have a go on Teach your Monster to read. If you haven’t got access to that then have a go at one of your reading books.