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F2 Phonics Activities

Monday 29th June


Can you help to label the bear? You can choose one of your own teddies or use the sheet provided.


Tuesday 30th June


Can you practice your tricky words or your letters using porridge oats in a tray? If you haven’t got porridge oats, you could use sand or even paint or water!

Wednesday 1st July


What do you think the characters would be saying? Can you fill in the speech bubbles?

Thursday 2nd July


The bears live in the woods. Can you go out for a walk and use your phonics to read the words and find the following things?

Friday 3rd July


Can you play the robot reading game on phonics play? Try phase two words first, then have a go at phase 3 words.

Monday 6th July


Can you cut out the words, read them and make a sentence that makes sense?

Tuesday 7th July


Can you read the sentences and draw a line to the correct picture?

Wednesday 8th July


Can you write a sentence for the following pictures?

Thursday 9th July


Can you read the sentences on this game?

Friday 10th July


Can you make an invite for the Three Bears to come to the picnic?