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F2 Phonics Activities

Phonics 15.6.20

This week we are going to look back over our Phase 2 sounds.


Can you write the sounds s a t p onto pieces of paper. How many different words can you make using these sounds? Can you write them down?
Phonics 16.6.20


Using these sounds and the sounds you learnt yesterday can you play this game? You can either use a figure or jump yourself. Each time you land on a sound you need to say that sound. When you get to the end of the word blend it together.


Still image for this video
Phonics 17.6.20
The letters we are going to look at today are g, o, c and k. Can you write the CVC words under each picture? You can either print the sheet or draw them yourself.
Phonics 18.6.20 
Using the grid in the picture can you use a car or person to drive it into the space? Maybe an adult can say a word and you have to drive your car there. You could make up your own with your own words if you want.
Phonics 19.6.20
Can you read these Gruffalo words and colour them in as you go?

Monday 22nd June – Tuesday 23rd June

This activity is something you can do over the next couple of days. Can you cut out the pictures and stick them next to the correct initial sound? If you haven’t got a printer could you make your own book by drawing pictures?

Click on the link below.

Wednesday 24th June

Bingo! Here is a game to play. Turn over a card, have you got something on your board that starts with that sound? Maybe you could make your own if you haven’t got a printer.

Click on the link below.

Thursday 25th June

Can you read one of the books on from the Collins website? Click on …
Click on Teacher sign in.

Then use the following username and password.
Password: Parents20!


Click on ‘Collins Big Cat’ and then you will see lots of different books. You can click on a book and it will read it to you. If your child wants to read it then you can turn off the sound. There are different books linked to the colour book bands (only up to lime) and activities to complete after they have read the book. If you need any support choosing the correct colour book then please message your class teacher.

Friday 26th June

Here is another game to play today. You can just focus on Phase 2 and Phase 3 unless you want a super tricky challenge! Have fun. J

Click on the link below.