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F2 Phonics Activities

Monday 27th April

Here are our phase two sounds. Can you practice them with the actions?

Now try it again and try and say the sound before I do!

Phase 2 Phonics Sounds

Still image for this video
Tuesday 28th April

Today we are going to look at the 'ai' digraph.

This video might help you but it is quite long so if you don’t want to watch it all then you could just watch from
05.00 minutes until about 11.30 minutes.

Here are some pictures. Can you write the word next to the picture – you could draw one yourself or print out these pictures if you like?

For a super tricky challenge can you write a silly sentence for the final picture?

If you can why don’t you enjoy the story of the snail and the whale and see how many other ‘ai’ words you can hear?

Can you make a snail trail outside with some chalk?

I look forward to seeing the different 'ai' activities you get up to!

Wednesday 29th April


Today we are going to look at the digraph ‘ee’.

Here is the video to look at if you want to…

Your activity today is to play this ‘ee’ game. If you don’t have a printer, you could make up your own or even write ‘ee’ words on pieces of paper and hide them around the house!
Have fun!

Thursday 29th April


Today we are going to look at the trigraph ‘igh’.

Here is the video to look at if you want to…

Can you practice writing the ‘igh’ sound. Maybe you could use a paintbrush and some water, some glitter and a stick or some shaving foam on a baking tray!

Now have a go at writing the following igh words on some pieces of paper.

You could draw the sound buttons on underneath like in my picture.
Once you have the words written on pieces of paper can you hide them? Perhaps you could hide them in some sand or under a blanket. When you find a word can you read it? Can you challenge someone in your family?

Friday 1st May

Our final sound for this week is ‘oa’.

Here is the video to watch with some ideas of words and sentences.

I’m going to give you some clues now. Can you guess the answer and write them down? (They all have the ‘oa’ sound in them!)

I am an animal that lives on a farm and I sometimes have a beard. What am I?

I can sail on the water. What am I?

I will keep you warm in the winter. What am I?

I keep my hands nice and clean when I am used with water. What am I?

Can you make up any of your own?

For a super fun challenge can you make your own boat that can float?

Send over your pictures if you manage to make one that floats!