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F2 Maths

Monday 18th May


Today’s maths activity is to look in the fridge and record what vegetables you have. Then record how many you have using a tally.

Tuesday 19th May


Have a look in your house to see what food you have. Ask your children how they could sort them.

They could be sorted by colour, fruit or vegetable, shape, name of the fruit or vegetable. There are many ways to do this,

Talk about how they have decided to sort them and if they could think of any different ways.

Wednesday 20th May


Today's challenge is to order vegetables by size. We know the turnip was enormous so are looking at ordering from largest to smallest or tallest to shortest.
What words can we use to describe the size of the vegetables?

Thursday 21st May


Today’s Activity is to weigh some vegetables and talk about weight.

Words we can use today are:
• weight
• heavy
• light
• lighter
• heaver
• balance
• equal
• heaviest
• lightest

Have fun experimenting with the scales and discussing your results.

I've added some pictures to help you make your own scales if you do not have any or fancy making something new.

Have fun! :)

Friday 22nd May


Today’s challenge is to ask your family/neighbours (It will give you a chance to have a catch up) what vegetables do they like.

The easiest way to record this is to make a tally chart.

Once you have the information, make a graph to represent this information. You can draw one on a piece of paper or get more adventurous such as using
Lego. Ask the children as they will have some great ideas.

Have fun and hope to see some on Tapestry.