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F2 Maths Activities

Monday 20th April


Task: Make your own number cards. You don’t need anything fancy. I’ve made two sets to show you using an old box and a piece of mail that I don’t need.

Quick Challenges that can be used any time.

1. Adult to show a number card at random and the children say the number you show them.

2. Put the number cards in order.

3. Adult to ask a question e.g find the number eight (8) or find the number that has one ten and six units. (16)

4. Hide a number. The children have to figure out which number is missing.

Tuesday 21st April


Using a ten frame (I can’t find mine so I’ve quickly made one) select a number from the cards and challenge the children to represent it using tiny seeds (I haven’t got any so I’ve substituted seeds with flowers).

Wednesday 21st April


In the book it says that ‘A strong wind blows flower seeds high in the air and carries them far across the lands.’

Using a ten frame and some seeds can you make some subtraction problems up. Here are two examples.

1. There were 9 seeds and 3 blew away, how many were left? Let’s check, 9 minus 3 equals 6.
2. 15 seeds were in a field and 4 blew away, how many were left? Let’s check 15 subtract 4 equals 11

Another subtraction activity. As the seed lands on the icy mountain, we will do an activity using ice.

First of all you will need some ice. If you do not have any ice cube trays here is a link to help you make some:

Once you have some ice makes up some subtraction problems and melt the ice to get the answers. For example: If there are 7 pieces of ice and 3 melt how many pieces of ice are left?

Thursday 23rd April


Get a selection of objects (some that float and some that sink) and put them into a bowl of water. See how many you have at the start and how many are left floating.

Eg. I have 10 objects and 7 sink. There are 3 floating.
10 minus 7 equals 3
10 - 7 = 3

Let's check it using our ten frames.

Can you write them down as well.

Have fun and don't get too wet.

Friday 24th April


Today, I had a go at using birds to help me with my subtraction. I put the ten frames in the garden with a piece of food in each place. After and hour, I went back to see what the birds had eaten. I used this to do a subtraction problems.

Have a go at this activity tomorrow to see if your sentences are different.