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F2 Maths Activities




Collect 5 of different objects ensuring they are different sizes e.g. 5 shoes, 5 cups, 5 fruits, 5 socks, 5 teddies, 5 toys, 5 books etc.


Order the objects from biggest to smallest. Ask questions such as which one do you think belongs to Baby Bear.



Baby bear enjoyed his porridge and his toast but would also like a cake. Make a cake and talk about the ingredients and how much they weigh. Use lots of language associated with weighing and measuring.




The Three Bears are having a race to see who reaches their bowl of porridge first!

Can you make 3 bear counters and 3 bowls of porridge using paper?  (or you could place real bowls).

Make 3 number tracks with 10 spaces.

Place your bear counters at the start of each track and your bowls at the end.  Throw two or 3 dices and the children have to add the amounts together. If they get the answer correct the move forward one space. If they record their answer in a number sentence they get to move an additional space.


Finding the Criminals.


Explain that the criminals from the wanted posters are on the loose. Go for a walk to see if you can spot them. Whilst you are out make a table and record the amount of animals that you spot.


Just Right!


Goldilocks likes things to be ‘just right!’

Use a large bowl and a set of number cards. 0-20

Place the number cards face down.  Turn one over and identify the number e.g. 14.  Can you find 14 objects to place in the bowl?

Repeat with other number cards.




Talk to the children about a clock and what it does. What numbers can they see? Do they know what the hands are?


Talk about o clocks, Goldilocks went to sleep. Talk about what time they go to bed and wake up. How longs have they slept. Is it morning or evening? Talk about the different times of the day.



Roll two dice and add the amount together. Draw the corresponding body part to make your bear.  Discuss which amounts are being rolled the most.

1 and 2 – body

3 and 4 – head

5 and 6 – ears

7 and 8 – arms

9 and 10 – legs

11 and 12 – face

Have fun playing your game!


Comparing lengths 


How would the bears hibernate? Do they curl up or lay straight? 


Explain that you are going to see who is the longest. Lie down and measure the length of each person in your family. Remember to start form the same place. Who is the longest and who is the shortest?



Mummy and Daddy bear have to carefully weigh out the porridge oats for their breakfasts.

If you have some scales at home, could you have a go at weighing some objects to compare which object is the lightest / heaviest?

If you haven’t any scales, could you choose 2 objects with your adult and hold them in each hand.  Which object feels the heaviest / lightest? 


Picnic Subtraction


On your picnic count how many bits of food you have and see how many you eat. How many have you got left. Record the subtraction in a number sentence.


E.g. There were 20 chocolate fingers and you ate 8 of them. There were 12 left.  20-8=12