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F2 Maths Activities

Do you have a piggy bank?
If not ask you grown ups what one is.
What do you think you put in them?
Discuss the different types of coins we have. If you have any in your house let the children explore them.
Sort the coins, this could be by colour, shape, amount, size etc
Can you represent these on you ten frames. Are some easier to represent than others?
We will look at doubling and halving today. Here are some questions to answer.
*If the famer needs to give each pig 3 apples. How many apples does he need?
*If the Famer has 8 carrots and shares them between the two pigs. How many carrots will each one get?
Can you think of anymore questions to ask your children?

Today we are going to use sausage to help us with our maths.

Ask your children some addition and subtraction questions and let them use the sausages to help them to figure out the answer. Use your ten frames to help you.
E.g. If dad has 4 sausages on the BBQ and he puts on 5 more, how many sausages will be on there?
If there are 15 sausages on a plate and you eat 4 of them. How many are left?
Remember to record the number sentences by writing them down.

Today we would like you to build a brick house, just like the third little pig in the story.

You could use Lego, Duplo, wooden bricks or any other bricks you have around your house.


*Measure your house and see how big you've made it.

*Count how many bricks you used to build your house.


Now see if you can make a bigger house! Would you need more or less bricks?

Today we would like you to play a game of Finders Counters!


Firstly, make some number cards or use your own if you have some.

Then, pick a number at random and go and find the matching number of objects.


Have fun! smiley 

Can you build a stick house like the second little pig?

Use sticks/cocktail sticks/straws with blue tac/playdough/sticky tape to build a stick structure.


Use a tape measure or ruler and find out how tall your building is.

How many sticks did you use?

Could you go on a family picnic today? Or help your grown up make lunch?


While you help, count how many different foods you use. How many times do you have to cut a tomato? How many crisps are in a packet? If you eat 3 of the crisps how many are left?

You could even talk about fractions. Cut your sandwich in half. Then make quarters.

The math possibilities are endless!!!

Today we'd like you to do a little experiment.

Find different objects from around your house. Use a washing up bowl, paddling pool or even the bath tub.

Now have a guess, will the object sink or float??