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F2 Maths Activities

Monday 11th May

Look at the different coins and discuss with your child.

Pretend to be a shop keeper and a customer and buy and sell things. Your child should understand the concept of buying and selling things and how it impacts your money.
This week you will have maths questions to have a go at. The children will probably find them difficult to begin with but the more you do the easier they become. Preserve and hopefully they will get it.
We have looked at adding, subtracting, doubling and halving so the children should have some knowledge. They may have forgotten so reminding them is fine.

Have a go at these questions. Use a ten frame or part-part-whole to make it easier.

1. (Addition)
The man has 5p and Jack gives him 2p how much money does the man have?

5p add 2p equals 7p

2. (Subtraction)
Jack has 10p and he buys a bean for 4p. How much does he have left?

3. (Doubling)
Jack has 4p two of his pockets. How much money does he have?

4. (Halving)
Jack has 6p and he looses half of his money. How much does he have left.?

Tuesday 12th May


Today, we will use magic beans for our maths questions.
Remember to use real beans (or other things you can find) and you ten frame or part-part-whole sheet to help you.
Here are the questions to talk through and to find the answers to.

If Jack had 6 magic beans and the merchant gave him 5 more. How many beans does he know have?

Jack had 10 magic beans and his mum threw 6 of them out of the window. How many does he have left?

Jack left the 2 magic beans in his pocket overnight. In the morning he checked them and they had doubled. How many does he now have?

Jack swapped his cow for 8 magic beans. On the way home he lost half of them. How many does he now have?

Have fun - This will not only help with maths but also, improved language and problem solving.

Wednesday 13th May


Today we are going to use the beanstalk to help us with our maths. Remember to use your ten frame and/or part-part-whole sheets to help you.

Below the clouds there were 7 leaves but above the clouds there were 5. How many leaves on the beanstalk?

A magic beanstalk had 15 leaves but 5 dropped off. Howe many were left?

The beanstalk had 4 leaves on each side. How many leaves did it have altogether?

There were 10 leaves on the magic beanstalk but the wind blew half of them off. How many are left?

Thursday 14th May


Maths Questions - (I've also included the days of the week which you could talk about and learn as well.)

The golden goose laid 6 eggs on Monday and 7 eggs on Tuesday. How many golden eggs did he lay?

On Wednesday, the giant had 10 Golden eggs in his fridge but ate 7 of them for breakfast. How many are left?

The Goose laid 4 eggs on Thursday and the same amount of eggs on Friday. How many did he lay?

On Saturday, the goose laid 4 eggs but on Sunday half of them cracked. How many were unbroken?