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F2 Maths Activities

Monday 4th May


This week we will look at doubling and halving.

Today we will look at doubling. Like Evil Pea, capture some fruits in a basket. Capture the same fruits in another basket. How many fruits are have been captured.

3 fruits and 3 more fruits equals six fruits.
Double 3 is 6
3 + 3 = 6

Repeat with other numbers.

Tuesday 5th May


A yummy doubling investigation.

Can you make a cake?
What ingredients do you need?

If you need to make 2 cakes, do the ingredients double?

Wednesday 6th May



Go shopping, or make a list, or take some items out of the cupboard.

Count how many items you have in total.

Can you share them between yourself and a family member, How many do you have now?

Example: If I have 8 items and I halve/share them how many items do each of us have?

Halve of 8 equals 4.

Repeat with items up to 10.

What happens if there is an odd number? Explore.

Thursday 7th May



Hide some Evil Peas around the house. Ask your child to be Supertato and they must go around hunting Evil Peas. When they find one them must put it in prison.

Once the children have found them explain half of the Evil Peas escape. How many after left in jail?

Example: I capture 6 Evil peas. 3 Peas escape whilst 3 peas are still in prison.

Repeat with different numbers.