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F2 Maths Activities

Monday 27th March


This week we will be focusing on addition using the part part whole model.

Here is an example of what you can do using vegetables.

If Oliver had two carrots and six potatoes how many vegetables does he have?

Let’s check by sliding the two parts to the whole.

2 carrots add 6 potatoes equals 8 vegetables.

2 + 6 = 8

Tuesday 28th April


Go for a walk, it could be in your garden, your daily exercise or even an allotment like Oliver.

Record how many animals you see and put this number in one of the part spaces on the model.

Repeat your walk and again see how many animals you see. Put this number in the other part.

See how many animals you saw in total.

On my first walk I saw 7 animals and on my second walk I saw 9, That means I saw 16 in total.

7 + 9 = 16

Wednesday 29th March


If possible get some pea pods. (Use an alterative if not)

See how many peas are in one pod and put them into one of the parts in the part, part whole model.

Open another pod and put it in the other part of the model.

Slide the peas from the two parts into the whole. How many peas in both pods?

There were 6 peas in the first pod and 11 peas in the second pod. I have 17 peas altogether,

6 + 11 = 17

Thursday 30th April


Oliver played with a ball so todays addition challenge we will use a ball as well.

(if you have not got a ball, roll up a pair of socks to make one )

With a partner throw the ball between each other and record how many times you catch it before it is dropped. Put this number in one of the parts in the model.

Repeat the game and put the amount of catches in the other part.

See how many catches you did in total by adding the two parts up to find the whole amount.

Record the addition in a number sentence: 5 + 7 = 12