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F2 Maths

Morning all, hope you are all keeping well. Today our maths activity is to recognise our numbers again. I have put up some pictures of fruit and corresponding numbers but the do not match up. Ask the children is it correct. Hopefully they say no. Explain that Mr Moore has made a mistake and it needs correcting. (Hopefully this will get them interested as they are now correcting the adult.) Once the have matched the numbers to the correct amount of fruit put your number cards in the correct order again. (I know we have done this before but remember repetition is key for the children to embed the information.) Get the children to draw their own fruit for the different numbers. Eg. 6 bananas, 7 cherries etc. Hope you have fun.

Today we are going to continue with our number recognition and matching to the amount. Make your own hungry caterpillar. We have used cups but you can use any container. Put the numbers underneath. Can the children write the numbers? Put the correct amount of objects into the corresponding cups. Additional challenge: we have gone from 0-10 but how big can you make your caterpillar? Have fun and hope to see some of them on Tapestry.

Today we are going to talk about length. The words we can use are: - Smaller, smaller, smallest - Long, longer, longest - Length, order, same, equal, measure Make some different caterpillars. You could use egg cartons, play dough, paper etc As you make them talk about how the caterpillars are growing and use lots of different words. Once you have made at least two, compare the sizes. Which is the shortest? Which is the longest? If you make a few, order them from shortest to largest and largest to shortest. Are any of them of equal length?

Morning, Today we will have another look at addition. The hungry caterpillar has sent me the things he ate yesterday. He is unsure how many of each item he ate and would like to find out. Can you help him find out. Add up each fruit to find out the total.

Morning, we are focusing on subtraction today. The Hungry Caterpillar has a selection of fruit and eats some of it. Can you figure out how much fruit is left after he has eaten the food? Take note how to record the number sentences as we will need to know for tomorrows work.

Today you are to make your own number sentences. Using fruit or any other food can you subtract pieces to find the total. Remember to write them down. If you are feeling adventurous why not have a go at addition ones too. Enjoy and ask if you can eat the fruit after just like the very hungry caterpillar.

Today your challenge is to make a pattern out fruit (or anything else). You could either use proper fruit or draw pictures. Remember to upload them to Tapestry so we can see them.

Talk about the different 2D shapes you know.
Identify them and practice drawing them.

Shapes you should know are:

Draw your own butterfly and add some shapes to the design. Remember butterflies are symmetrical so the design needs to be the same on both sides.