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F1 Phonics

Tuesday 19th May


Can your child draw each of the characters from the story then draw something that rhymes with that character (rat/hat, cat/bat etc)
Perhaps you could make a game and cut them up once you have drawn them, turn them over so you can’t see the picture then take turns to try and find the rhyming pair.
For those children who are ready to look at letters, you could write the word and see how the end of the word is the same.

Thursday 21st May


Oral segmenting and blending
Have a picture of one of the characters ( either drawn on paper or on the iPad) hide it from your child and segment the word of who you have (“I have the c-a-t”)
Can your child blend the sounds and guess which character you have?
Change roles and see if your child can segment the word for you to guess.