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F1 Phonics Activities

Tuesday 21st April

One of the aspects for Phase 1 Phonics that we teach in F1 is Environmental Sounds.
Tomorrow’s activity is to pretend you are the tiny seed. Lay down somewhere outside for a few minutes without saying anything, listen carefully and remember all the sounds you hear. Do you know what they are?
All the sounds can either be drawn/written about in your book or just discussed.

Thursday 23rd April

Another aspect of Phase 1 Phonics is Alliteration where words with the same initial sound are next to or very close to each other.
Your optional phonics activity is to think of a sentence about the Tiny Seed using alliteration. Try saying the sentence out loud and listen for the sounds that are the same. Your sentence can be silly or sensible, you could even draw a picture to go with it.
Here are some examples:
The sad seed sat on a stone.
The tiny seed tiptoed towards the town.