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F1 Phonics Activities

Monday 27th April

Rhythm and Rhyme:
Can you think of some of the names of the vegetables that appear in the Oliver's Vegetables book? How many words can you think of together that rhyme with the name of a vegetable?
Ideas can be written or drawn in your book.
I found Pea or Peas, Carrot and corn to be good vegetables to find rhyming words for.
Wednesday 29th April

Instrumental sounds: when we prepare, cook and get ready to eat our vegetables, we do most of this in the kitchen with lots of different kitchen equipment. What sounds can you make with things in your kitchen?

Friday 1st May

Oral segmenting and blending.


Have a range of vegetables (and or fruits) on the table and ask your child to find you one by segmenting the word into sounds. Your child needs to listen to the sounds and blend them together to choose the correct vegetable.

For example “ can you find the p-eas?”
Or “can you get the “c-a-rr-o-t?”

You could the change roles and your child could have a go at sounding out (segmenting) the word to you.