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F1 Phonics

Optional Phonics for Monday 1st June Rhyming Make your own caterpillar and think of a simple word for the first circle. Can you fill the rest of the caterpillarā€™s body by either writing words that rhyme with your first word or drawing pictures of objects that rhyme with it.

Optional Phonics for Wednesday 3rd June Rhythm and rhyme Have a go at learning The Fuzzy Little Caterpillar Rhyme, can you retell the rhyme to someone else? Listen out for the rhythm in your voice as you say the words.

Optional Phonics for Friday 5th June
Initial sounds
Lay out a few objects for your caterpillar to eat and tell your child that it only wants to eat the items beginning with C (for example.) Can your child collect all the C items or move the caterpillar around until it has munched on all the C items. The items don’t have to be food, you could make them funny too.
Repeat and change the initial letter.
Optional Phonics for Tuesday 9th June
Voice sounds
Why not follow the link and try and join in with The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s brill! šŸ› We would love to see videos of you joining in with the words!
Optional Phonics for Thursday 11th June
Segmenting and blending.
Choose some food for your Hungry Caterpillar and lay it down in front of you. Ask your child to close their eyes, take one away and ask your child to tell you what is missing. Can they tell you by segmenting the word. So if the apple was missing they would sound the word out and say ‘a-pp-le” or if the ham was missing they would say “h-a-m”.