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F1 Maths

Monday 18th May


The Farmer has taken his vegetables to the Farmer’s market. You are going to be a judge and award prizes to the farmer for his vegetables. Ask your grown up to help you make a set of labels with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc on.
If possible lay out a set of real vegetables (or plastic foods or make using play doh). Find the label that says ‘1st’ and decide which vegetable you want to ‘award’ it to. Can you explain why e.g. size, colour, shape, like taste etc. Repeat awarding the labels to all the vegetables. Now order the vegetables ‘1st,’ ‘2nd,’ ‘3rd’ etc.
Have fun!

Wednesday 20th May


In the story, each character calls for ‘one more’ character to help pull up the turnip!
Can you use a vegetable and collect some toys to be the characters and keep adding ‘one more’ character and counting the amount. Can you say a number sentence to explain what you have done (one more than one is two, 1 more than 2 is 3 etc.
Now have fun playing a game – you could hang numbers on the washing line or lay out cards around the garden or inside. Say a number and see how quickly your child can find / swat / stand on the number that is ‘one more!’

Friday 22nd May


Here is a list of characters from the story:
6 yellow canaries
5 white geese
4 speckled hens
3 black cats
2 pot bellied pigs
1 brown cow
If possible, can you make a set of characters (or use your toys).
Ask your grown up to ask you some questions to find out how many animals / characters are helping pull the turnip up!
There were 5 white geese and 2 pot-bellied pigs. How many helping altogether?
If 3 black cats and 2 pot bellied pigs helped the farmer, how many animals would that be altogether?
You could use a five or tens frame too (depending on the amounts you choose for your child!)
Can you make up your own addition number stories using your toys?
Have fun!