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F1 Maths Activity

Tuesday 12th May


‘Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum- There’s lots of measuring to be done!’
Hello Mini Beasts. I have a challenge for you all!
My shoes are HUGE but Jack’s shoes are small. Can you find out who has the largest shoe size in your family? Can you collect some footwear and line it up from the largest to the smallest shoe size?
Draw around the largest shoe and draw around the smallest shoe. Choose some objects to lay from one end of the shoe drawing to the other (e.g. bottle tops, Lego pieces, dried pasta etc). Count how many of each item you needed to measure each shoe. Can you work out how many more objects you needed to measure the longest shoe?
Can you look for objects around your house or in the garden that are longer or shorter than the largest shoe?
If you want a really fun activity, why not put some water or paint in a bowl and make footprints with your bare feet on paper or outside!!!

Good Luck – From The Giant

Thursday 14th May

‘Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum – I need a new castle, please make me one!’

Hello Mini Beasts, I have a new challenge for you all!

I have decided to be really kind and give Jack my castle but I would like a new one to live in! I love 2D shapes so I wondered if you could design me a model using as many different 2D shapes as you can! My challenge is to see if you can use all of the following shapes – circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, diamonds and for an extra challenge why not try and include pentagons (5 sided shapes) and hexagons (6 sided shapes!)

You could draw around objects or if you can print any shapes out, you could cut these out and stick them on paper to create your designs!

Why not try building a model using 3D shapes like cereal boxes and tins that you have in your cupboards at home?

I can’t wait to see your pictures…I wonder which castle I will choose?

Good Luck – From The Giant