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F1 Maths Activities

Monday 20th April


This is an activity that can be done outside!
Draw a large circle for the middle of a flower and draw 6 petals around it. (You could use chalk on the ground or draw on paper). Choose a number depending on your child’s ability e.g. 5 and write it in the middle circle.
Challenge your child to find the correct number of objects and place them in each petal e.g. 5 stones, 5 sticks, 5 leaves etc.
Repeat with other numbers.
You could have a race against the clock to see how many petals you could fill in 1 minute!
We would love to see your photos on Tapestry or dojo!
Have fun! 😊
Wednesday 22nd April

Have a look at some real coins with your child and talk about the value, colour, shape and design. Maybe your child could do some coin rubbings by placing the coins underneath some paper and using pencil or wax crayons to colour over the top.

If possible, make a collection of objects from your garden e.g. watering can, plant pots, trowel, spade, wellies, bucket, bag of seeds, compost etc. Help your child to write labels for each item e.g. 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p (you can include coins of greater value if you feel suitable for your child). Can your child ‘buy’ an object from the collection and choose the correct coin to pay? Repeat with other objects and prices.

If you don’t have access to any garden items, you could help your child create a simple picture list with drawings of different objects and prices. Your child can then choose items off the list to buy with their coins.

Parents / Carers: Another version of this activity is to only use 1p coins to pay for the items, e.g. if your child chooses something costing 2p, can they give you two 1p coins? Your child could make a sign too for their garden centre shop!
Friday 24th April


If possible, give your child 2 plant pots (or you could use tubs/ cups etc). If you have any real seeds then use these otherwise use other objects to represent ‘seeds’ e.g. stones, counters, raisins, Play Doh etc. Choose a number that you feel your child is confident with e.g ‘5.’ Ask them to arrange the ‘seeds’ between the two plant pots (They might place 3 seeds in one pot and 2 in the other). Discuss what your child has done then encourage them to see that they still have 5 seeds. Repeat by finding other ways to put the seeds in the pots e.g. 4 in one pot and 1 in the other or 0 seeds in one pot and all 5 in the other. Focus on the total amount never changing.

Parents / Carers: Children often need to recount the objects in each pot as they don’t always realise that the total doesn’t change. Repeat with different amounts.