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F1 Maths Activities

Monday 4th May


Sort the shelves!
Calling all superheroes! The Evil pea has made a mess of all the supermarket shelves! Can you help to sort them?
The shop keeper wants to order all the food items by length from the shortest to the tallest.
Choose some food items (these could be fresh foods or tins and boxes).
Can you predict which food item is the shortest / tallest? How can you check?
Line up your food items in the correct order to check. Can you practise writing your numbers on card to label each item?
You could look for other food items that are the same length as the shortest / tallest ones on your shelves.

Well done Number Super Heroes! The Evil pea will not win!!!

Wednesday 6th May


Supertato Subtraction!
Calling all superheroes! You can use your fives frame or make a tens frame for this activity.

My Vegetable friends and I have been eating peas!
If you are using a fives frame, can you lay out a ‘pea’ in each square. Ask a grown up to ‘eat’ some of the peas by taking some away. (E.g. 5 peas, eat 3 peas). How many peas are left? Can you say a number sentence for what you have done? (Eg. I had 5 peas. I ate (took away) 3 peas. I have 2 peas left).
(5 – 3 = 2)
Repeat with other amounts. You could use real peas or make your own using Play Doh or draw some peas on paper!
You are number Super Heroes Mini Beasts!