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F1 Maths Activites

Tuesday 28th April



Provide your child with two plates / pans / plant pots / bags. If you have any potatoes that your child could use that would be great but you could use other objects to represent potatoes (balls, counters, stones, Play Doh etc (or other vegetables!} Ask your child to count out 4 potatoes. Explain that Oliver and his Grandpa want to share the potatoes equally. Can they share the potatoes between the two plates so each plate has the same amount? Talk about what your child has done – they shared 4 potatoes equally between two plates so each plate had 2 potatoes each.

Repeat by sharing other amounts (6 potatoes, 8 potatoes, 12 potatoes, 2 potatoes, 10 potatoes).
You could also place some potatoes on one plate (e.g.3) and look at ‘doubles’ by asking your child to place the same amount on the other plate and finding the total. (If we double 3, we get 6 altogether!)

Parents / Carers:
You could extend this activity by exploring what happens when you try to share an ‘odd amount,’ (e.g. 3, 5, 7) to show that there would be one potato left over!

Thursday 30th April


You can use the ‘five frame’ we provided in your home learning pack or make a ‘tens frame’ depending on your child’s ability.

If using the fives frame, ask your child to place 5 vegetables (or any objects) one in each space. Tell them that Oliver is going to eat 3 of them. Ask your child to take 3 away. How many vegetables are left? Get your child to count the remaining vegetables on the fives frame. Talk about what your child has done (There were 5 vegetables, Oliver took 3 away so there were 2 vegetables left!’) Repeat by taking away other amounts.

Parents / Carers: Encourage your child to use the words ‘takeaway’ and ‘left.’ Once your child has taken the amount away, ask them how many they need to make the total again. This helps to make the link between addition and subtraction. Have fun!