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This week your daily English Challenges are based on the short animation ‘Pip’.


Pip is the story of a small dog with a big dream - to become a South-eastern Guide Dog.

Does she have what it takes?



Pip | A Short Animated Film

English Challenge 1 - Monday 22nd June 2020


I have got a list of questions for you to help you discuss and respond to what you have watched and understood about the film clip. You could just talk about them with your adult or have a go at writing some of your answers down in your book to practise your handwriting skills too.


  • Where is Pip in the short animation?
  • Why does she need her height measuring before she can enter the school?
  • Do you think she is happy to be at the guide dog school? How do you know?
  • What did Pip struggle with at first?
  • What do you think the trainer thought of Pip?
  • How do you think Pip felt when she made a mistake on her exam day?
  • How did Pip know what to do to help save the woman?
  • Why do you think Guide dogs are so important?



English Challenge 2 - Tuesday 23rd June 2020


After watching the short animation ‘Pip’, what do you think makes a good guide dog?

Think about the qualities they need? for example, do they need to be calm and friendly?


Today’s task is to do some research to find out about the qualities a dog needs to become a guide dog. Can you find out what breeds make good guide dogs? What training do they need to have?



This short video from the Guide Dogs Organisation might give you some more ideas on how guide dogs are trained.


The life of guide dogs

English Challenge 3 - Wednesday 24th June 2020


Using all of your information from yesterday’s research task, create yourself the perfect guide dog.


  • Which breed will you choose?
  • Give the dog a name. Can you think of one that links to one of its skills?
  • Describe the qualities that makes it a perfect guide dog.


The image below gives you an example of how you can set out your work today. Think of it like an application form to be accepted to the Guide Dog School that Pip went to.


English Challenge 4 - Thursday 25th June 2020


Last week you worked on a non-chronological report when you completed your report on your Monster. Today and tomorrow I would like you to produce an information leaflet about Guide dogs, this is also a non-chronological report because it is giving people information on a particular subject.


Use all of the research and information you have found to plan what you are going to include in you leaflet today.

Using a plain piece of paper, you could fold it into 3 sections and present your information like the example in the photo.

You could include sections of information on;

  • The importance of guide dogs
  • Training
  • Characteristics of a good guide dog
  • Introduce your own guide dog that you created yesterday


English Challenge 5 - Friday 26th June 2020


Today you need to continue working on your leaflet and turn your plan into the real thing!

Remember that your leaflet needs to inform people about Guide dogs and it should include key information.


Check list

  • Have you included a title?
  • Is your information in sections?
  • Does each section have sub-headings?
  • Have you used facts that you have researched?
  • Have you included pictures?


I look forward to seeing your completed leaflets!