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This week your daily English challenges are based on the short film ‘Soar’.


This short animation tells the story of how a young girl must help a tiny boy pilot fly home before it’s too late.



Monday 8th June 2020


Before you watch the animation this week, look at the picture and read the short description of the film.


How do you think the young girl is going to help the tiny boy?

Where do you think they are?

Have a discussion to share your ideas. You could even try writing your prediction down.


The title of this short film is ‘Soar’.

The word ‘soar’ can mean to rise or fly upwards into the air. What other words can you think of with a similar meaning? An example is glide or drift.  

Would any of them make a better film title in your opinion?

Tuesday 9th June 2020


Watch the animation again but imagine that you are either the girl or the tiny pilot.


Think about how the character is feeling and what they are thinking when things don’t quite go to plan.


Make a list of these emotions and draw your own thought bubbles to show what they are thinking.


Have a go at acting out the different emotions and have your adult guess which one it is.


Wednesday 10th June 2020


Today you need to put your ideas from yesterday into sentences.

For example, if you listed ‘disappointed’ in your emotions, you need to put that word into a sentence. Remember to write from the characters’ perspective.

I was instantly disappointed when my creation hit the floor with a thud.


Try to challenge yourself by using a joining word to add two ideas together. Maybe you could join an emotion and a thought.

I was shocked when it landed on the table and I wondered what could be in that tiny bag of his.

Thursday 11th June 2020


Both the girl and the tiny pilot want to tell their best friend what happened today, but they aren’t going to see them for quite a while. So they decide that the best thing to do is to write a letter.


Today you should plan out your letter as a rough draft, ready to write it out in your best handwriting tomorrow.

Think about how you will introduce your message; will you ask how they are first?

Make an interesting statement to make them want to read on, for example, ‘You’ll never guess what happened to me today!’.


Remember to use all of your ideas you have already thought of this week.


Friday 12th June 2020


Today you are going to write out your final version of your letter to your best friend using your plan from yesterday.


  • best handwriting
  • capital letters
  • full stops
  • finger spaces
  • use the joining words ‘and’ ‘but’
  • can you use a question mark and an exclamation mark?


I look forward to seeing your finished letter and your wonderful handwriting.