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This week your daily English challenges are based on the short film ‘The Ugly Sharkling’.


Little Phil was very excited. It was a warm summer's day and he was off to the seaside with his best friend Harry.  Harry was no ordinary friend. He was a spider and a big hairy one at that. When the two friends get there, they meet a sad shark who needs some help.


The Ugly Sharkling

Still image for this video

Monday 1st June 2020


Watch the film clip ‘The Ugly Sharkling’


I have some sentences for you but they don’t make sense because they are not in chronological order. Today I need you to read the sentences aloud and then put them in chronological order. You could print and cut the sentences out or have a go at writing the sentences down in the correct order to practise your handwriting skills.


Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Today you will be planning sentences for your postcards. You will become Little Phil and write to your friend to tell them everything that happened that day! You can use the sentences from yesterday to help you. Try to include time sequencing words and chatty language.


Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Replay the film ‘The Ugly Sharkling’.


Remind yourself what an adjective is and why we use them. Remember that they add more detail or describe things (nouns). Remember that adjectives are also used to describe the quantity, quality, size, age, shape, colour and material.


You are going to collect a range of adjectives to describe the toothless shark that Harry and Phil spotted before they took him to the dentist. Read the adjectives that you have been given and name which body part they describe best. You could also generate your own adjectives too.


You don’t need to print this out just split a piece of paper into quarters and label them with fin, mouth, body/skin and eyes. You can the then write the adjectives in the correct section.  




Thursday 4th June 2020


Today you will be using the adjectives that you collected yesterday to write sentences. You will be creating expanded noun phrases to describe the shark. Use Resource 1 to help remind you how to create an expanded noun phrase. Then have a go at writing four expanded noun phrases of your own using the pictures on the sheet.  When you have finished this, write a character description using expanded noun phrases. Describe different elements of the shark making choices about the vocabulary you use. Use Resource 2 to help you write a character description. 


Friday 5th June 2020


Today you are going to write your own postcard using all of the skills we have been learning about so far.


Look at the example on Resource 1.

Are the events in chronological order?

Can you see any chatty language phrases?

Can you find the description of the shark?

Can you identify an expanded noun phrase?


Resource 1



Use your plans to write a postcard recounting Phil’s trip to the beach. Remember to write the postcard in the first person and in chronological order. Use the success criteria in Resource 2 to help you.


Resource 2