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This week your daily English challenges are based on the short film ‘Adventures are the pits’.


A reluctant boy gets more than he asked for in a ball pit. Will he conquer his fears to escape the adventure he finds himself in? A funny and surprising animation for children to discuss the ‘lesson’ behind the story.



Adventures are the pits.mp4

Still image for this video

Monday 11th May


I have got a list of questions for you to help you discuss and respond to what you have watched and understood about the film. You could just talk about them with your adult or have a go at writing some of your answers down in your book to practise your handwriting skills too.


Tuesday 12th May


Today you will be exploring how the character felt during his time at the ball pit. You will record these feelings or emotions as exclamation sentences using exclamation marks.


Can you remember what an exclamation mark looks like?


Remember that exclamation sentences are used to show strong emotions and begin with the words ‘what’ or ‘how’. For example, ‘What big teeth you have!’


Look at the examples in picture 1 to show the features and structures of these exclamation sentences.

Now use picture 2 as a template for your work today. It tells us what happened to the boy in order. Think about how the boy felt at each part and then put that emotion into an exclamation sentence e.g. ‘What a frightening slide it is!’ or ‘How enormous it is!’.


Wednesday 13th May


Replay the film ‘Adventures are the pits’ and look out for things you could describe.  


Remind yourself what an adjective is and why we use them. Remember that they add more detail or describe things (nouns). For example; the scary slide. The red lollipop etc.


Remember that adjectives are also used to describe the quantity, quality, size, age, shape, colour and material.


Just like last week, you are going to describe objects from the animation and then join two pieces of information with the joining word ‘and’.


Example: Inside the deep, dark ball pit I saw a sticky lollipop and a scary skeleton.


Challenge: You could say where the objects are, e.g. The scary skeleton is lying in a heap and the sticky lollipop is stuck to my face.




Thursday 14th May


Whilst watching the clip today, think about what the boy is doing. For example, he is ‘standing’ at the top of the slide. He is ‘gripping’ the top of the slide.

You might have thought of words like falling and climbing. These are action words (verbs).

Do your words have something in common?

Do they all end in the suffix ‘ing’?

This shows us that they action is happening now; it is in the present tense. 


Your task today is to explore how to write in the past tense.

Jump in the air and then ask yourself what did you just do? You ‘jumped’ in the air.

Open or close a door then ask yourself what did you just do? You ‘opened’ or ‘closed’ the door.

This time you should notice that the words end in the suffix ‘ed’. This shows us the action is in the past tense.


Can you change the verbs in the picture into the past tense by using the suffix ‘ed’?


Friday 15th May


Today you are going to create a short diary entry using all of the skills you have been working on. 


Look at the example diary entry in the photo with your adult and see if you can spot the skills you have learnt this week.  


Using your ideas from this week, pretend that you are the boy in the film and write your own short diary entry.