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Each day a new English Challenge will be posted for you. 

All of the challenges will be related to the animation clip we have added to this page. 

You will have a new animation each week to work on.

Bubbles - animation clip

Still image for this video
This animation is about a called called Gabby.
Gabby is walking on the beach and finds a bottle of bubbles - when she blows it she gets transported into fantasy.
She has fun riding on bubbles and meets people and things on her way.

Monday 30th March


Watch the short film ‘Bubbles’.


Discuss the main character in the film and gather words and phrases to describe her.



Tuesday 31st March

- Watch the short animation 'Bubbles'

- Draw what she can see whilst inside the bubble

- Write what she is thinking whilst inside the bubble


Wednesday 1st April


Ask your child to recall what happens in the film ‘Bubbles’ and encourage them to use full sentences when they tell you about it.

They are going to be creating sentences about what the girl saw in space or under the sea.

Discuss things she can see. Ask children to describe them by including colours and other simple adjectives e.g. shiny moon, twinkly stars etc. Add in things they could see such as an alien in a rocket ship or shooting star.

Can they link sentences together using the joining word ‘and’ ?


Thursday 2nd April


If you could find a bottle of magic bubbles, and you could fly anywhere in the world, then where would you go and why? 


Start to plan your adventure today and write down key words. Try to think of adjectives that describe the things you might see and what you might hear or smell. 


Friday 3rd April


If you were to find a bottle of magic bubbles, and you could fly anywhere in the world, then where would you go and why?


Today you need to use your ideas from yesterday to create your own story.


Remember that adjectives (describing words) can be used to describe the nouns (objects, people, places) in a sentence.

Use the sentence tick list to help you check your writing.


Today will be the last day of Challenges that we post for the next two weeks as we enter our very strange 'Easter Break'.

I have posted a file with an Easter Reading Activity you might like to do with your child. You could read it to them or let them read it to you :-)

There are some comprehension style questions you can ask them about the text afterwards to see what they have remembered and understood.

There are 3 different levels which are shown by either 1, 2 or 3 stars at the bottom of the page. Pick the one you feel most suitable for your child.