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This week your daily challenges are based on the short film ‘Something Fishy’.


Something Fishy is a story about a young lady who is sitting quietly in a launderette.  She is doing her washing when she notices something strange. Then, she looks inside the machine and sees that her clothes have come to life.


Something Fishy .mp4

Still image for this video

Monday 4th May - Daily English Challenge


Watch the film clip.


I have got a list of questions for you to help you discuss and respond to what you have watched and understood about the film ‘Something Fishy’. You could just talk about them with your adult or have a go at writing some of your answers down in your book to practise your handwriting skills too.


  • Where is the young lady?
  • What is she doing there?
  • What does the lady see in the washing machine?
  • Why do you think she looks around the room after seeing them?
  • Do you think it was a good idea to go into the machine and why?
  • What are the fish made out of?
  • What is the seaweed made from?
  • How do you think the lady feels after seeing all of these creatures?
  • How did the lady feel when she saw the shark and how do you know?
  • How did she feel when she finally escaped?
  • How did she feel about the trousers in the end?

Tuesday 5th May 


Watch the film clip again and think about the order of events.


I have given you some mixed up sentences, the green words are what we call ‘time conjunctions’.


Your task today is to write out the sentences in the correct order.


Encourage children to use the sequencing language when ordering and discussing the events of the story.


Wednesday 6th May - Daily English Challenge


Can you remember what an adjective is?


We use adjectives to add more detail or to describe things (nouns). Examples could be; The blue sea. The stripy fish.

Adjectives are also used to describe the quantity, quality or opinion, size, age, shape, colour, origin, and material.


Today you will be exploring adjectives to describe different things in the film. You might want to pause the film at different points to use the scene as a visual prompt for gathering your vocabulary.

Remember that adjectives aren’t just used to describe how something looks.


Here is a list of thing that you could describe from the film today.

  • fish
  • octopus
  • turtle
  • shark
  • seaweed
  • water


Extra Challenge!

Use some of the adjectives you have collected to create a noun phrase.

Thursday 7th May


Why are finger spaces important in our writing?

When do we use capital letters?

When do we use full stops?


Look at the sentences I have given you today and see if you can spot the mistakes. Did I use my capital letters and full stops correctly?