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Each day a new English Challenge will be posted for you. 

All of the challenges will be related to the animation clip we have added to this page. 

You will have a new animation each week to work on.


Once In A Lifetime - Animation Clip

Still image for this video
Set in a fantasy world very much like Adrift. A man is sailing in his boat, through the air! He hears a noise and suddenly gliding into view are some giant, flying turtles.

Monday 23rd March


Watch the animation 'Once In A Lifetime' 

When the film has finished ask the questions:
• Q. Who is the Skyman?
• Q. Where do you think he has he come from and where is he going?

Write your answers in your new book.

Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Tuesday 24th March 


Watch the 'Once In A Lifetime' film clip again and then ask the questions;


- Where do you think the turtles came from? 

- Where might they be going? 


Write your prediction down in your book, use your imagination and be creative. 

Wednesday 25th March 


Today’s task is to make a list of powerful adjectives to describe the turtles flying past the Skyman.

You might start your list of adjectives like this;

  • enormous
  • emerald
  • unbreakable


- What do these words mean and why have I have chosen them?

- What parts of the turtle do these words describe?


I can’t wait to see what interesting words you come up with at home to describe the turtles. If you send me your list I can put them altogether to create a class list like we do at school :-)


Thursday 26th March


Today your challenge is to use your list of powerful adjectives from yesterday and put them into clear sentences. 


Write four sentences to describe the turtles in the film clip and remember that every sentence should start with a capital letter, have finger spaces and end with a stop.


Friday 27th March


Writing challenge - Write an ending to the story. Thinking about where the turtles are taking the Skyman.


Make sure you include some of those powerful adjectives.

Use your Phonics mats from your pack to check your spellings.

Have you used capital letters, finger spaces and full stops?