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This week your daily challenges are based on the short film ‘Caterpillar Shoes’.


Caterpillar Shoes is a story about a caterpillar. He is very hungry, all he does all day is walk and eat and walk and eat. On every pair of feet, a pair of tiny shoes he wears!


Monday 27th April 2020


Watch the film clip. Did you hear any of the rhyming words whilst watching the film?


I have got a list of questions for you to help you discuss and respond to what you have watched and understood about the caterpillar and his shoes.

You could just talk about them with your adult or have a go at writing your answers down in your book to practise your handwriting skills too.


Tuesday 28th April 2020


Replay the film again and discuss the different characters in the story, e.g. the caterpillar, woodlouse, spider, stick insect etc.

For today’s task you need to draw out a timeline to show the order of who the caterpillar meets. Draw each character in order and label them.




Choose one of the characters to act out to see if your adult or sibling can guess which one it is.

Think about how it moves, what it’s body language is like, does it make a sound, how does the creature put its shoes on?

Wednesday 29th April 2020 


Today you need to describe the appearance of the characters in the film and think about what effective verbs you could use to describe how the character moves.


Use the examples in the picture to see if you can pick out some effective word choices. 


Thursday 30th April


Act out how to ‘spin a web’.

This time, ‘spin a web gracefully’. The word ‘gracefully’ is an adverb, think about how it changes your action.

Now act out ‘jump in the air’.

This time, ‘jump in the air quickly’. What is the adverb I used this time? How did your action change?


Today you are going to use the words you chose yesterday to write a character description of one or 2 of the animals from the story. See if you can include some of those ‘adverbs’ in your writing too.


Use the example in the picture to give you some ideas of how to set out your writing.  


Friday 1st May 2020


Today you can choose which task you would like to complete, or maybe you’d like to have a go at all three!


  1. Research some facts about the animals from the story. You could use the internet to safely research some interesting facts, find some videos to watch about them or maybe you’ve got some non-fiction books to look through. I have also sent of some facts in the Task 1 document.
  2. See what insects and animals you can find in your garden by doing a mini-beast hunt. What can you find and where did you find it? I have sent over an example recording sheet in the Task 2 document.
  3. Can you draw and label the insects from the pictures I have sent over in the Task 3 document?