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This week your daily English challenges are based on the short animation

‘Book of Butterflies’



KS1 English Challenge 1 - Monday 20th July 2020


Play the short film clip but stop at 15 seconds.


Make a prediction about who the man is and what he is about to do. What evidence have you seen to support your prediction?


Watch the clip to 40 seconds. What do you think might happen with the book?


Think about the order of the short narrative and think about the events you see. Orally retell the story as you watch it again.


Have a go at rearranging the sentences I have given you into the correct order.


KS1 English Challenge 2 - Tuesday 21st July 2020


Watch the short clip again and pause when you can see the majority of the butterflies clearly.


Today and tomorrow you are going to focus on the description of a butterfly.


Choose one of the butterflies and see how many interesting adjectives you can think of to describe it.




This grid of adjectives below might give you some ideas to start you off.


KS1 English Challenge 3 - Wednesday 22nd July 2020


Today you are going to turn some of your adjectives from yesterday into complete sentences. For example, beautiful, blue wings’ will become ‘The butterfly had beautiful, blue wings’.   


You should also have a go at challenging yourself to join two ideas together with a joining word (co-ordinating conjunction).

The butterfly had beautiful, blue wings.           The butterfly had a thin, green body.


How can we use ‘and’ to join these two sentences together?


Are there any words which can be removed? Do we need to say ‘the butterfly had’ twice?



KS1 English Challenge 4 - Thursday 23rd July 2020


Your task today is to think about your own book.


Imagine that your book comes alive, what would you choose it to be about?


Think imaginatively about your ideas. Would it be an animal that you’re really interested in? Maybe it could be a favourite food, or even some characters from a great book or film?


Draw your front cover and write a sentence to explain why you have chosen it for your book.



KS1 English Challenge 5 - Friday 24th July 2020


Earlier this week you worked on describing the butterflies from the short film clip.


For your final task today, you should work on describing the ‘thing’ that comes alive from your own book.


Draw a picture and write some words around to describe it.


Then you should have a go at putting some of your words into complete sentences.